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Aurlandsdalen (or the Aurlandsdal) is a glacially-formed Norwegian valley that is about 40 kilometres (25 mi) in length (Geiteryggen-Vassbygdi). The valley is situated in Aurland Municipality in Vestland county, to the south of the Sognefjorden. One of the best-known tourist tracks in Norway follows the valley from Geiteryggen just across the border of Hol Municipality and north east to Aurlandsvangen at the Aurlandsfjorden in Sogn. The valley narrows and becomes a tight, dramatic Western Norway valley. It combines glacially carved valleys with diverse plant species, and a number of cultural monuments in the form of old farms and mountain dairy farms (regionally called "støl"s) to form a recognized tourist attraction. The richness in plant species is due to both the soil, rich in minerals formed from phyllitt in the rocks and cultural influence through the centuries. The upper part of the river running through the valley is called Stemberdøla; in the lower part it is called Aurlandselvi. The route from Aurland to Hol has been the shortest connection between western and eastern Norway since prehistoric times. Thus the valley has been an important connection line for commercial journeys... Wikipedia

Aurland Hydroelectric Power Station
Aurland Hydroelectric Power Station

The Aurland Power Station (Norwegian: Aurland kraftverk, Urban East Norwegian: [ˈæ̂ʉrlɑn ˈkrɑ̀ftværk]) is a hydroelectric power station located in the municipality Aurland in Vestland, Norway, owned by E-CO Energi. It consists of five facilities, Aurland I, Aurland II, Aurland III, Reppa and Vangen, and operates at a combined installed capacity of 1,128 MW, with an average annual production of 2,869 GWh. The construction works were initiated in 1969, and the first production from Aurland I started in 1973. Wikipedia

Vetleli Parking
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5745 Aurland, Norway

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